Passion for Sport

Every time a client & I discuss our passion for sport my face lights up. ‘Like a beacon guiding someone through stormy waters’ as one client described it… … Read More

The Irish Times, The Connacht Tribune and Galway Bay FM

When I began my research into hypnosis & migraine it was a challenge to get the message out to people suffering with migraines & tell them about the study. … Read More

Hypnosis – What is it all about?

Some people will describe hypnosis as a tool to access the subconscious mind and others see it as a specific state of awareness. A little known fact outside of academic circles is that hypnosis is a clinically proven method of… … Read More

Let Me Show You How I Love You – Book Recommendation

I am excited to recommend a book written by Jim Cullum, a colleague, and someone I am fortunate to call my friend. Jim’s book ‘Let Me Show You How I Love You’ is packed with ideas designed to make relationships… … Read More

IBS and Hypnotherapy

A case study by Walters and Oakley (2006) found that after ten sessions of hypnosis there was an overall reduction of 64% in IBS symptoms. A 9 month follow up indicated that there was further improvement… … Read More

What is Sport Psychology

Many people wonder about sport psychology, what it is, who uses sport psychology and how it can help. Sport psychology can be helpful for professional and recreational athletes who would like to improve… … Read More

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnosis can make weight loss very easy. Most people find that their appetite decreases and they have no interest in eating junk food. If you are looking to lose a stone in two weeks then hypnosis… … Read More

Hypnotherapy for Migraines

An astonishing 5-10% of men and 18-25% of women suffer with migraines. Only 22% of people with chronic migraine use migraine specific medications and that the remaining 78% rely on opiates such as… … Read More

Reaching 14,000 worldwide

Delighted to share my research on migraines with over 14,000 hypnotherapists worldwide via this article I wrote for the National Guild of Hypnotists … Read More

Boston NGH Conference

Just back from Boston NGH conference. Wow! What a great honor to speak at this conference, thank you to all who attended my talk on migraines and hypnosis. … Read More