Frequently Asked Questions

Consultations last approximately 40 minutes in duration but please allow up to an hour. Fees are set amount irrespective of whether a consulations runs over time on the day.

Yes. In order to accommodate clients and to be respectful of client time and therapist time a cancellation policy is in place.

Less than 48 hours notice for appointment change of time or cancellation: 100 euro

48 hours or more notice for appointment change of time or cancellation: No charge

Please note: Cancellation or change of appointment time must be in text or email format at least 48 hours prior to appointment.

Yes. You will hear everything that is said. It may at times feel like you are daydreaming but rest assured you are completely in control and can open your eyes at any time.

Absolutely not. In fact those who go in to trance easily tend to have an exceptional ability to narrow their attention.  It is a sign of good ability to focus when people go in to trance.

No. You are in complete control throughout the sessions. You will hear everything and you will be aware of everything that you choose to speak about.

Stage hypnosis is designed for entertainment and as such individuals who go on stage are usually very aware that the show is for entertainment and thus the suggestions are oriented for entertainment purposes. In an individual consultation one on one in our office you will only ever be given suggestions which are relevant to the challenges which you are there to address.

Yes. Absolutely. We understand and respect your need for privacy and all consultations are private and confidential.

If you are traveling from Dublin we are located just off the M50 motorway. Turn left taking the exit from the M50 and drive to the first roundabout – the Martin roundabout. It is the immediate first left at that roundabout.

From Oranmore, Galway: Travel in the direction of Galway city along the dual carriage way, passing Cisco on your left hand side. When you reach the end of the dual carriageway you come to the Martin roundabout. It is the third exit at that roundabout.

The office is based in the private hospital, a large glass building in Doughiska, Galway. We are on the second floor. When you enter the foyer of the hospital you will see a grand piano in front of you with lifts beside the piano. Take the lift to the second floor. On exiting the lift turn right and walk through the double doors. We are located in the first room on your right hand side. Suite 29.

Suite 29, Floor 2

The Galway Clinic



Yes. There is a large multi story car park at the hospital.

Can’t find what you need? Please give us a call to ask.