Recent media appearances

Just some of the many media appearances Niamh Flynn has made over the past few years. … Read More

Business Confidence

Kash Connolly of Hazel Mountain Chocolate is featured in Irish Country Magazine very generously sharing her story of the business coaching work we did together . … Read More

How Do You View Success And Failure?

Understanding the way we perceive the constructs of success and failure can provide a secret stash of ammunition in business and in sport. If we look closely… … Read More

Anxiety and Hypnosis

If you are waking up in a panic each morning, experiencing shortness of breath and generally feeling off form you could be suffering with anxiety. … Read More

Medical Professionals and Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been the distant and poor relation of medicine in recent years. It has not always been that way however. The earliest reference to hypnosis relates to sleep temples in Egypt (3000-1000 BC) and Greece (2000-500 BC) which provided refuge for patients whose healing experience involved hypnotic chanting. … Read More

Grinding Teeth and Hypnosis

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, to give it it’s clinical title can cause far more problems than wearing down tooth enamel. Thankfully, hypnosis can help to eliminate the accompanying anxiety, promote cessation of bruxist behaviour and
restore good sleep patterns. … Read More

Weight Loss and Hypnotherapy

Most people are familiar with how hypnosis can help someone who wants to quit smoking. Did you know that hypnosis can also be very effective in decreasing appetite and encouraging a desire to eat healthy foods? … Read More

Generating Wealth with Hypno-Coaching

Entrepreneurs and executives use many tools to ensure that they stay focused on strategies which generate wealth. Hypnosis is one such powerful tool that is increasingly being employed by top level managers. … Read More

The Road Less Traveled

Hypnosis might seem like a strange therapy to engage in particularly given the misconceptions about hypnosis that abound. It is good to know however that during an hypnosis consultation you are fully aware. … Read More

NGH Chapter Meeting July 16

On Saturday July 9th 2016 we are holding an NGH chapter meeting here at The Galway Clinic, where hypnotherapists can get together and pool their knowledge. … Read More