Street Hypnosis

Mesmerized by Derren Brown and Keith Barry? Would you like to learn how to hypnotize people in an instant? Well, now you can! Coming Oct 16 in Galway… … Read More

Boston Beckons 12 August 2016

I’m delighted to be invited back to speak at the annual National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) conference in Boston this year, to speak on ‘How Words Heal’. … Read More

Violence in Sport – Causes and Potential Solutions

With the recent outbursts in Marseille and Lille, France during the European Championships, attention has focused on aggression and violence in sport. … Read More

What Muhammad Ali Can Teach Us About Belief Systems

“I am the greatest”. The phrase synonymous with Ali may be the first words which came to mind when hearing the news that Ali had died on June 3 2016. … Read More

The Importance of Sporting Rituals

Sporting rituals & superstitions are as old as time itself. Very often athletes’ don’t quite understand how they attain the frequently quirky habits which.. … Read More


If you have been diagnosed with migraine the chances are you have attended a neurologist. Neurology is a specialist area of medicine focused on… … Read More

Pain Management Course

I have put together some amended excerpts from my PhD thesis into as succinct a piece as possible to explain how hypnosis can help with chronic pain. I hope it is of value to … … Read More

Academic Bullying

From time to time I receive enquiries about whether hypnosis can help college students who are experiencing academic bullying. The answer is yes… … Read More

Moving House!

We are moving house! It has been a privilege to develop the business and showcase it on the website & we will now continue on … Read More

Sugar and Migraines

Sugar and Migraines – When blood sugar levels are too low the effects can include fatigue, dizziness & anxiety, when too high this can lead to frequent… … Read More