Business Confidence

This month (June 2017) Kash Connolly of Hazel Mountain Chocolate is featured in Irish Country Magazine very generously sharing her story of the business coaching work we did together . Maria Moynihan also interviewed me for the same piece about how tapping in to the subconscious mind works for business people and she did a super job of explaining the process.

There are commonalities, I believe, across most businesses which go in to the mix to create success. These include, but are not exclusive to, ensuring good leadership, excellent communication skills and driving positive belief systems. After all when you believe in yourself it inspires others to believe in you. Once you have clear goals for your business and you know the type of organisation you wish it to be it is much easier to get there! This is always the first step in the business coaching we do at Bodywatch Ltd, that is, clarifying objectives and goals.

Another common thread among businesses is that the path ahead often has bumps in the road. If you however have the strength of will, clarity of purpose and tenacity as well as good communication skills these are usually surmountable. Part of the coaching work involves looking at the business persons belief systems and seeing if their beliefs are conducive to assisting them to getting where they wish to be. Sometimes they are and then it is about capitalising on those belief systems and making them even stronger. Occasionally our belief systems about ourselves, our businesses and relationships trip us up and hold us back from pursuing opportunities and truly achieving our potential. Sometimes our internal dialogue and indeed the language we use with colleagues can be tweaked very simply but can have a massively influential effect on our behaviour, our relationships and our success. By challenging existing beliefs and instilling new, supportive belief systems at subconscious level huge advances can be made on a personal level which invariably seem down in to a concrete level because of decisions made for the business.

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