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I started working with Niamh after coming across an interview with her in Tatler Magazine. Her business acceleration programme has had a strong, positive impact on all areas of my business, from strong self-confidence in dealing with clients, better stress management in facing challenging situations to increased morale and loyalty from my own staff.

My motivation has given me confidence to take a chance at new business opportunities and Niamh was able to work through any limiting behaviour and habits stopping me from achieving business and personal goals. Niamh is a very devoted coach and therapist, she always did her best to help and overcome anything that I felt was holding me back. I felt encouraged and empowered both in business and personal life

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“Niamh is an absolute gem to work with. Her hypnotherapy sessions helped me transform my business and reboot my love for my work. Her warm energy is addictive and her talents and skills as a therapist are unmatched. Looking forward to working with her again.”

Angela Didek

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Chronic pain requires a multi-disciplinary approach as not only is there the pain itself to manage but also the impact pain has on every aspect of a person’s life. 

Chronic Pain Ireland were delighted to welcome Niamh Flynn to speak to our members at our 25th Anniversary event where she spoke on the benefits of hypnosis and chronic pain and demonstrated the techniques used to help reduce pain.  She then followed this up with a free bespoke MP3 so that attendees could listen to over and over again.  Niamh was very professional, empathetic and knowledgeable of the challenges of living with chronic pain.  Her outline of how hypnosis can be used and how it can help to regain quality of life was most enlightening.  This practical session encouraged many to try something new, something that they had not previously attempted or considered beforehand.   

Highly recommend Niamh to those wishing to learn a new technique that may help reduce pain sensation, reframing your mindset, dealing with anxiety and stress.

Governing Body

Chronic Pain Ireland

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I have known and worked with Niamh for many years. 

Over those years I have asked her to work with players that have had talent but were unable  to transfer that talent to the competitive arena due to psychological issues.

Niamh has improved every one of those players allowing them to compete and flourish at a higher level by modifying their thought processes,behaviours and habits.

She has a passion for her work that ensures she’s not satisfied unless the player she’s working with gets the very most out of themselves and she’s prepared to go the extra mile to achieve that.

Niamh’s diligence, work ethic, knowledge and attention to detail ensure she’s at the top of her field in developing and bettering player performance and I look forward to working with her in the future.

Gerry Spelman

Hurling Coach.

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Since I was first introduced to Niamh in 2013, I have repeatedly referred players from Connacht Rugby to work with her. As an accredited sport and exercise psychologist with a PhD in hypnotherapy, Niamh has the expertise, qualifications and experience needed to help players with many issues from pain management to sleep difficulties, confidence issues to performance enhancement.

Niamh understands the holistic development of players, and the high-performance sports environment that they work in. What sets Niamh apart is her vast knowledge of the connection between the human body and the mind and how mood, emotions, physiology, thoughts and beliefs can all affect wellbeing and performance. The feedback from players and other support staff at Connacht Rugby has been excellent, which is why I continually refer players to Niamh.

I  would highly recommend working with Niamh for individuals and/or organizations involved in high performance environments.

Dr Deirdre Lyons

Player Development Manager

Rugby Players Ireland and Connacht Rugby

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Sinead Mc Grath, Ballyjennings stables, Co. Mayo.

Delighted with Niamh Flynn to hold a talk with our regional dressage riders and what a difference it made. It was like unlocking the key in the riders ability to perform. It helped with riders confidence and bringing the home game to the competition. It was great also for the parents to be present to see the affect the mind can have on our abilities and how thoughts can be limiting.

It is like the finishing touches of a puzzle after you have all the work done it is important that your mind is in the right place for competition. Niamh attention to detail helps to focus the rider from nutrition to training to nerves. Highly recommend Niamh for anyone serious about their game.

Sinead Mc Grath, Ballyjennings stables, Co. Mayo.

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Seán Breathnach, Galway

“Last year Niamh’s help was crucial as we prepared our under sixteen rugby team for a series of matches in both the cup and league competitions. Niamh put together a bespoke session for us in which parents, coaches, and players could partake. It was an both an enlightening and hugely positive experience, which we all agreed, contributed hugely to the progress and ambition of the team. Niamh also provided very useful post session materials and recordings which we could return to if and when we needed to.  I can’t recommend Niamh’s professionalism and approach highly enough.”

Seán Breathnach, Galway

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Matt Murphy

Niamh made a very valuable contribution to our set-up in the fields of sport psychology and fitness assessment. We enjoyed a particularly successful year in 2000 and many of her ideas were put into practice. We won the league title and we won every game played bar one when we lost out to the eventual winners of the All Ireland Championship in the semi-finals.

Matt Murphy
Galway Hurling Manager 2000
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Going forth and back from Cyprus to Ireland isn’t the easiest thing. Even though this cost me time and money, I do not regret it one bit because what I’ve gained is something that is permanent and beneficial for my whole life and inner being. Niamh is both an amazing instructor and a person. The way she embraces her subject is professional and at the same time she brings into the classroom that touch of her spirit and vitality which gave me motivation and wings on my shoulders.

The effort I had to put in becoming a hypnotherapist has been zeroed because being in class with Niamh made me realize, at the age of 46, that when your instructor, as diligent and motivating as Niamh is, teaches you both how to become a hypnotherapist and a better person. 

Irene Michaelidou


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Trish Frost


We all stayed on for a bite to eat last night and everyone was buzzing from your talk. My two boys came home and they were getting their dad to try the exercises and knocked the ear off him with chat about it.  And one of my boys Daithi is a very poor sleeper since a traumatic accident 3 years ago and he slept like a log after the relaxation session.  Everyone loved it and it will be something we will carry with us for a  long time. Thank you so much.

Trish Frost

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James Brown

For anyone looking for a natural, drug free solution… I recommend ordering the End Migraine Fast Program today. The End Migraine Fast Audio Hypnosis Program is a great program for migraine sufferers. The MP3s are very relaxing and, as the research has proven, they work quickly. The End Migraine Fast book is filled with practical information and solutions which will be helpful to people with migraines. For anyone looking for a natural, drug-free solution to treating migraines I recommend ordering the End Migraine Fast Program today. James Brown Celebrity Hairdresser

Dr Pat Harold MB MICGP

I would enthusiastically recommend it to my patients. Every migraine sufferer should have a copy of Niamh Flynn’s book. It has excellent advice on management of this distressing condition. Niamh Flynn discusses the trigger factors, advises on conventional treatment and discusses commonly used remedies. She also has great techniques for pain management and stress reduction which would be invaluable even if you did not have migraine. There should be more of this kind of book about. It is well written, clear and safe. I would enthusiastically recommend it to my patients. Dr Pat Harold MB MICGP

Ryan Dior

If you suffer with migraines this End Migraine Fast Program might be all you need. It’s unique approach to curing migraines puts the power back in the migraine sufferers hands. It helps you identify what is causing your migraines and then outlines lots of different solutions. All the medical jargon is simplified and it is very easy to read. Lots of life lessons too! Ryan Dior Public figure

Brendan Harding