What is unique about the End Migraine Fast Program?

  • It is backed by science. See references below.
  • One on one consultations are available at The Galway Clinic. 
  • The Program developer has over ten years of experience working with people who want to move forward to a better place
  • This program was scientifically researched and proven to reduce migraine disability. It is backed by a thorough understanding of migraines and how they affect individuals.
  • The testimonials on this website are real, authentic testimonials from people who have tried and tested our product.
  • The combination of unique motivational strategies with powerful hypnotic programming can provide you with cutting edge strategies to manage your migraines naturally.

Flynn, N. (2018) Systematic Review of the Effectiveness of Hypnosis for the Management of Headache. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis 66(4):343-352.

Flynn, N. (2019) Effect of an Online Hypnosis Intervention in Reducing Migraine Symptoms: A Randomized Controlled Trial. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis 67(3):313-335

About the End Migraine Fast Program

Do you suffer with migraines or do you know someone who does? If you are unsure keep reading. If any of the symptoms register with you it is advisable to speak with your GP or Neurologist and they will be able to give you a diagnosis. From time to time I will update this page with more information about migraines and you can check out our blog as well for some information which may be helpful and relevant to you.

Are you one of the 13-18% of women or 5-10% of men who suffers regularly with migraines?  As a migraine sufferer are you…

  • Fed up with being confined to bed in a darkened room for hours or days at a time?
  • Irritated by the inability to work because of the excruciating pain of your migraine?
  • Frustrated by the unpredictability of when a migraine attack will occur?
  • Sick of having to remember to take prophylactic medication everywhere with you?
  • Agitated by the time wasted on migraines when you could be out enjoying life instead?
  • Exasperated by deteriorating energy levels before, during and after a migraine attack?

Maybe the following are familiar to you too? 

  • An immediate and urgent need to find a darkened room where you can lie down flat on the ground or on a bed until the migraine pain subsides.
  • A sudden need to drop everything you are doing so you can find a quiet place to rest..
  • A pulsating feeling in your head which is all encompassing..
  • The sudden onset of nausea prior to excruciating head pain..
  • Visual hallucinations of flickering patters such as spots in front of your eyes…
  • A blinding brightness which reduces you to wanting to close your eyes shut for the longest time….
  • Tactile sensations which feel like odd sensitivities in your hands and  mouth for example..
  • Vertigo or vomiting prior to a migraine attack

Below is the International Headache Society Critera for Migraines

If you do suffer from migraine there will be no doubt in your mind that it is very different from a headache. Officially, what distinguishes migraine from other headaches is that:

  • The duration is of between 4 and 72 hours
  • It is of a pulsating quality
  • Physical activity aggravates the pain
  • It is of moderate to severe intensity

(Society, I.H. 2011)   Migraines and Aura:The program includes a unique, special, specific recording, (Track 5) for those who experience the disorientation which accompanies classic migraines. It is designed to reduce the frequency of the confusing auras which sometimes precede a full blown migraine attack. If you are one of those people who suffers with classic migraine then the following may be familiar.. Before experiencing the pain of a fully fledged migraine do you become…

  • Rattled by tiny noises which suddenly transform into the loudest, most painful sounds ever?
  • Disoriented by blurred vision?
  • Find normal odours which are usually tolerable suddenly become a highly offensive smell?
  • Intolerant of even the smallest of requests?

One study by Anderson, Basker and Dalton (1975), compared an hypnotic intervention with medication treatment and conducted a one year follow up post a six session treatment intervention. They found that the number of patients in the hypnosis group (there were 23 in this group) who experienced a complete remission from migraines during the previous three months was 43.5% (10 patients), compared with 12.5% (3 of the patients) from the medication group.

It is advisable to listen to MP3 Tracks 1 to 4 sequentially over four weeks. Listen to MP3 Track 1 for example three times a week for week one, then move on to MP3 Track 2 on week two, listening to that three times a week for week two and so on with the first four MP3s for the first four weeks. Then listen to any one of these four MP3s once a week alongside any of remaining MP3s once a week or as you feel works best for you.  We recommend you continue listening to the MP3s for at least ten weeks and enjoy listening to the End Migraine Fast Maintenance Track to maintain the improvements.

Attending personal one on one sessions with Niamh Flynn  to take control of your migraines and change your life for the better could cost you €€€  hundreds of euro in fees –  not to mention the time you might have to take off work. However, she has designed and developed the End Migraine Fast Program which you can access directly from amazon.co.uk and work through it in the comfort of your own home. Additionally, you can purchase the hard copy of the End Migraine Fast Program book and learn more about the potential triggers and solutions for your migraines.

Click HEREand purchase your program now.

During the clinical trial the first four MP3s were used and the following sequence (excluding the bonus MP3s) was recommended. We have added the additional MP3s following the request of those participating in the trial . Enjoy the MP3s and make sure to let us know about the improvements you notice.

That’s ok! Life is busy. Just get back on track straight away by scheduling time in your diary. It may be useful to think of this time as a very important appointment.

Yes for sure. Just add another part to the diary documenting how many times you listened to your MP3s and you might be pleasantly surprised when you look back and compare patterns of when you are and when you are not listening to the MP3s.

Downloads are not refundable, exchangeable or returnable.

Once your End Migraine Fast hypnosis MP3s have been downloaded successfully we are not responsible for loss of digital downloads occurring as a result of technical issues. If you have any issue downloading the MP3s please Contact Us immediately. Ensure that you back up your End MIgraine Fast hypnosis MP3s immediately after purchase so that you can restore your data should it be lost once your transaction is complete.

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The End Migraine Fast MP3s will be delivered in a zip format, so you will need to unzip the folder to access the individual MP3s.

The Science Behind the Program

As part of my PhD research I have come to understand even more about the physiology and the psychology of migraines and this helped enormously when writing and creating this effective MP3 program specifically for people who suffer with migraines. There is sufficient evidence to show that in many instances hypnosis is more effective than medication and other therapies. The proof that hypnosis works to eliminate or reduce the frequency or intensity of migraines is backed up by science. There are masses of studies including the study described above and the study to your left of the screen to back up the anecdotal testimonials that HYPNOSIS WORKS. See the study by Anderson et al., (1975) below which examined whether hypnosis could reduce medication usage and migraine duration in a treatment program which consisted of just six sessions.

Hammond, Olness, MacDonald and Uden (1987) assessed the impact of a self-hypnosis intervention on a population of children aged between 6 and 12 years over a 12 week treatment period. At the end of year one the mean number of migraines per child  in the placebo group was 13.3, in the mediation treatment group it was 14.9 and in the hypnosis group it was 5.8

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End Migraine Fast

End Migraine Fast has changed my life actually. I can’t thank you enough. Ray Elliott Ex migraine sufferer

End Migraine Fast

My life has utterly changed. I’ve started living a life free of migraines. Jeanne O’Gorman Ex migraine sufferer

End Migraine Fast

I listen to the CD’s two to three times a week. Kevin Hall Ex migraine sufferer