Street Hypnosis

Learn Instant Hypnosis? Mesmerized by Derren Brown and Keith Barry? Would you like to learn how to hypnotize people in an instant? Well, now you can! Seamus Mahon is teaching his Street Hypnosis Workshop in Galway on  October 15th and 16th  2016. The day starts with an exciting introduction to the world of hypnosis and whether you are a seasoned hypnotist or if you have never even been to a hypnotist by 5pm that day you will have acquired the skills to hypnotize people in an instant.  The workshop will cover basic do’s and don’ts to ensure you get the best results with people you are working with. It is a hands on workshop with plenty of practice throughout the day.  On Saturday evening  the group meet in Galway city to practice their skills on passers by.  If you have a look at the video link below you will see how one group captivated the attention of Galwegians on a cold winter evening.  After a late night on Saturday the group meet again on Sunday from 10am to 1pm to discuss the night’s events, refine the skills and practice some more tricks of the trade. A maximum of 12 places are available on this course and a 50 euro deposit is required to secure your booking.  Contact Niamh at to reserve your place.
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