Weight Loss and Hypnotherapy

Most people are familiar with how hypnosis can help someone who wants to quit smoking. Did you know that hypnosis can also be very effective in decreasing appetite and encouraging a desire to eat healthy foods? Previous to my current career as a sport psychologist who specializes in hypnosis I worked in the gym industry. It was such a happy time and I loved every single second of it. There were fitness workshops in Dublin and Blackpool on a regular basis and invariably new fitness fads came and went during that time. What has always remained consistent however was the message that eating three healthy and balanced meals every day helped people to lose weight. I know from working with hundreds of happy weight control clients over the years that this strategy is foolproof! When you eat healthily and your nutrition is balanced in terms of healthy carbohydrates (think vegetables!) and proteins (think meat, legumes, fish, chickpeas..) you feel full, you get all the nutrients your body needs and thus your cravings for sugary snacks will decrease. The two go hand in hand.

Hypnotic suggestions help greatly of course. They take the ‘edge’ off the cravings. Hypnosis also helps people desire fresh vegetables, fruits and lean proteins. Most people come bounding in to my consulting room for their second consultation full of the joys of life having been very virtuous in their food choices for the previous week and finding that they had no interest in eating junk food since the first consultation. Our bodies need a variety of vitamins and minerals every day in order to function optimally and if you can get this range of nutrients from foods at breakfast, lunch and dinner all the better. Hypnosis can help to decrease your appetite. It does take motivation on your behalf as well so for the best results I often recommend that my clients treat it like a project where they need to commit to making time to prepare healthy foods for all of their meals. Then the magic happens! Here’s to your happy, healthy eating programme!

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