NGH Chapter Meeting July 16

The National Guild of Hypnotists support and encourage chapter meetings where hypnotherapists can get together and pool their knowledge. Often there are  guest speakers.   On Saturday July 9th 2016 we are holding a chapter meeting here at The Galway Clinic. In addition to meeting and networking I will be giving an overview of the following topics:

Age Regression

We all have habits and patterns of sorts. Some good, some not so good. When those patterns are not helping, age regression can assist in tracing back to the root cause of where the pattern began and the conditioning events which followed. It is an advanced hypnotic technique which should only be used by hypnotherapists who have considerable experience in suggestion oriented therapy.  It is a very powerful tool for hypnotherapists and it can significantly reduce the number of consultations required by the client.

Parts Therapy

Charles Tebbetts is accredited with this technique which has been used successfully to assist with the resolution of inner conflict. In instances where progress with suggestion work comes to a plateau parts therapy can be a very useful adjunct. It is about asking the right questions and facilitating the session for the client.

Hypnosis in conversation

Words have so much power. Science is now catching up with what we know and have seen in our hypnotherapy clinics and proving what we suspected for many years. Hypnosis changes the brain. This section of the morning will not dwell on physiology but rather on the way in which specific words and phrases will impact thoughts and behavior in general conversation.

Please contact Niamh at to register your place at this meeting.  A reduced fee of 20 euro applies for Bodywatch Ltd NGH course graduates for the training component of this morning. Anyone else wishing to attend this training workshop please contact Niamh at 091 720145.

Recommended Reading: Precision Thinking by Duncan McColl

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