Generating Wealth with Hypno-Coaching

Entrepreneurs and executives use many tools to ensure that they stay focused on strategies which generate wealth. Hypnosis is one such powerful tool that is increasingly being employed by top level managers. Hypnosis can quickly and effectively programme the subconscious mind.

Some of the executives who have used our programme in the past have worked on building confidence in a new role, managing staff relations and improving communication with colleagues to name but a few. I was recently interviewed for an article in Irish Tatler magazine which you can view here.

The allure of hypnosis for businesses is understandable. Whether it is an in- house service employed to assist employees with life-work balance or whether it is executive level hypno-coaching the results are often apparent even after the first couple of consultations. For in-house programmes with employees smoking cessation, weight loss and stress reduction are amongst the most popular hypnosis consultations.

Hypno-coaching for executives can be used for a wide range of goals including maximizing success in business meetings and dealing calmly with challenging situations. You can read more about our hypno-coaching programme for businesses hereā€¦

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