What is Sport Psychology

Many people wonder about sport psychology, what it is, who uses sport psychology and how it can help. Sport psychology can be helpful for professional and recreational athletes who would like to improve their sports performance. A sport psychologist should have a basic degree and a Masters degree – one of which should be in psychology and the other in Sports Medicine/Sports Science.

During a typical consultation with Niamh Flynn at The Galway Clinic a wide range of tools will be used to ensure that you reach your goals quickly and easily. Whether your motivation is waning and needs a boost or if you are recovering post injury and would like assistance in staying positive and maintaining your fitness during the recovery period sport psychology can help. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure and burnout can be identified in the earliest stages, decreasing the risk of injury and keeping you competing for longer. Sport psychology can also help with weight loss, keeping you on track by eating healthily and increasing your motivation to exercise. Setting goals is a basic step in the road to achieving consistently great performance and whether that involves achieving personal bests in time trials for swimming or lowering your handicap in golf we will help you to achieve your goals. Most people notice a positive improvement even after their first session so if you would like to book a sports psychology consultation today call Niamh at 091 720145.

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