Let Me Show You How I Love You – Book Recommendation

I am excited to recommend a book written by Jim Cullum, a colleague, and someone I am fortunate to call my friend. Jim’s book ‘Let Me Show You How I Love You’ is packed with ideas designed to make relationships stronger. Jim is a superb communicator and he has lectured at the esteemed annual NGH conference in Boston on several occasions.

In his book he shares his wealth of knowledge about how to communicate effectively and I, like many of those who know Jim personally, can certainly vouch for Jim’s superb ability to connect with people. If you are stuck at a plateau in your relationship or if you are searching for ways to let your partner know you are thinking of them or how much you care about them this book is packed full of fantastic ideas. The reviews on Amazon say it all. Five Stars over and over and over again. You can order your own copy of the book on Amazon or find out more on www.letmeshowyouhowiloveyou.com

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