The Irish Times, The Connacht Tribune and Galway Bay FM

When I began my research in to hypnosis and migraine it was a challenge to get the message out to people who suffer with migraines and let them know about the study. Galway Bay FM, The Irish Times and The Connacht Tribune were very helpful in spreading the word and letting people know that there is a natural way to manage migraine. They also followed through when the results were collated and the statistics were computed. The results showed a staggering 48% drop in headache disability and a 60% drop in negative thinking (catastrophizing).

I spent many years as a freelance journalist working for publications such as Gaelic World, High Ball Magazine, The Irish Examiner and numerous other publications and I know how important it is to get the message across correctly and accurately. Judy Murphy of The Connacht Tribune, Keith Finnegan of Galway Bay FM and Michelle McDonagh of The Irish Times certainly did a great job of this and of explaining how the research came about and how it can be of help to people who are looking for a natural, drug free approach to managing their migraines. A big thank you to all of them for all their help along the way.

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