Boston NGH Conference

I am just back from Boston after a fantastic conference in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Wow! What a great honor to speak alongside the hypnosis greats such as Jim Cullen, Dr. Brackelmanns, Ron Elsinger and many more. Super content at this conference and a great learning experience. A big thank you to all who attended my talk on migraines and hypnosis.

It was so exciting to share the information and quite a challenge to condense a few years work in to an hour but from the feedback so far it seems to have been very helpful which I am delighted about. Anyone working as a hypnotherapist who did not have an opportunity to attend this year I highly recommend putting it on the bucket list!

Thousands of hypnotherapy enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds ranging from neuroscience to nursing and medicine – all at one gathering. It was exciting, dynamic and informative. Congratulations to Jean, Eric and all at the NGH who put such a great conference together year after year.

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