Hypnosis – What is it all about?

Some people will describe hypnosis as a tool to access the subconscious mind and others see it as a specific state of awareness. A little known fact outside of academic circles is that hypnosis is a clinically proven method of achieving results for a wide variety of ailments – including chronic and acute pain. Most people are familiar with hypnosis being used to help stop smoking or for stage hypnosis. There are quite a few misconceptions about hypnosis however so I have made a list of bullet points addressing some of the main concerns. What to expect in an hypnosis session: A glimpse inside!

  • You will hear everything
  • You are completely in control
  • You can open your eyes at any time
  • You have the ability to reject any suggestion you don’t like
  • It is extremely relaxing
  • You may find your arms and legs feel very heavy and relaxed during the session itself
  • Some people describe the experience as being a little like day dreaming
  • There are no negative side effects
  • It is a perfectly safe intervention
  • Most people, at our clinic at least, notice positive results even after their first session
  • You will not reveal any secrets under hypnosis
  • You can come out of trance any time you want to

If you have any more concerns or questions about hypnosis that haven’t been cleared up here you can email me at info@bodywatch.com/NewBody and I will answer your email as soon as I can.

Sometimes life can be that simple. A widely quoted study by Dr. Alfred Barrios compared Hypnotherapy with Psychoanalysis and Behavioural Therapy. Barrios, A. (1970). Hypnotherapy, A Reappraisal. Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice, Spring Issue)

Dr. Barrios took into consideration 1,018 articles dealing with hypnosis, 899 articles on psychoanalytic therapy and 355 on behavior therapy. The results were pretty startling. Longer therapies were found to less effective. See the table above for the results.

Like all professions, experience and education are important considerations when choosing any therapist or training in a particular field. Certainly there are horses for courses and no one type of treatment will suit everyone but certainly the statistics are something to consider before embarking on a personal journey of change. If you are interested in experiencing hypnotherapy one on one or in training to be a hypnotherapist make sure to  check out our range of services from the menu above. You could make massive changes in your own or in others’ lives in just a few hours. Next course starting at The Galway Clinic in January 2016. Call us on 091 720145 for more details.

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