Galway Bay FM May 5 2014

We were delighted to have an End Migraine Fast stand at the Loughrea Diecast Model Show last Sunday, May 5th 2014. What a great day. It was so well organised by R&M exhibitions that we were given a prime spot in the craft and hobby section and were set up in minutes.

The Galway Bay FM Roadcaster was in situ and Niamh was interviewed by John Mulligan and invited to discuss the show and customers visiting the End Migraine Fast stand. There was a similar theme among those we spoke with and that was the absolute determination of migraine sufferers to do their best to get through a work day – even with migraine! If you are a migraine sufferer you know that is a huge ask. .. trying to concentrate on a computer screen with a massive pain in your head!

Thankfully the End Migraine Fast audio product has been proven to reduce disability by 48% in just ten weeks.. work easier and social lives restored..! Plus all that is required is listening consistently to a short audio recording three times a week – or more frequently if you wish – they are very relaxing! See the ‘More Info’ section in the Products page on the website for information on each of the tracks and remember to keep checking back in with us as we continue to add more information for migraine sufferers on the website.

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